Q. Did you know there are 2 interest rates with each auto, Business, Personal (credit cards), and Mortgage loan ?

Q. Which one did your Banker or loan officer disclose to you?

Q. Did you know that the majority of Wall Street and its Registered Representatives or Brokers use term "Average Rate of Return" when the actual rate of return can be in some cases higher yet your account balance can be down as much as 30%?

Q. Which one does your Broker use?

Q. Did you know that there are 2 tax rates to consider when saving for both short term and retirement?

Q. Which one does the IRS want you to focus on?

Q. Did you know there are 2 sets of fees in Mutual Funds?

Q. Which one was disclosed to you?

Q. Should I pay off my house?

Q. What should I do with my inheritance?

Q. How much should I put in my 401(k)?

Q. When should I start Social Security?

Q. Did you know that Social Security is taxed twice.

Q. Has your CPA, Adviser, Planer or agent shown you how to legally bypass the bigger of the two?

Q. If What You Thought To Be True Turned Out Not To Be True When Would You Want To Know?

Q Do you know how to put any plan, strategy or product on trial for its life?

Q. Did you know that every Plan Strategy and Product can have a Positive, Neutral or Negative effect on some or all other plans, strategies or products?

Q. How many of the above questions can you or your Adviser, Planner, Agent, Broker or CPA answer?


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